Hekmor Media

livestreaming and documentary video productions developing unique experiences of art, culture and more

based in brooklyn, nyc
Hekmor Media

livestreaming and documentary video production centered on developing unique experiences of art, culture and more

based in nyc — highlights ︎︎︎

On Air Fest

Described as the “Sundance of Audio,” On Air Fest is known for bringing together the biggest names in podcasting alongside creative visionaries to inspire creators, fans and the audio industry writ large.

Producer/DP/Editor: Romke Hoogwaerts
Camera operators: Hailey Heaton, John Syzonenko

Marc Rebillet, We Outside

Marc asked us for a portable multicamera livestream setup that he could control himself from anywhere in the country. These dynamic livestreams have reached millions of viewers.

Technical Producer: Romke Hoogwaerts

Performa 2023 (projects/commissions)

This multicamera documentation project comprised three weeks of live performance all across New York City, from Roosevelt Island to the Guggenheim Theater and from Wall Street to a Bushwick parking lot, with each performance requiring a tailored approach.

Producer/DP: Romke Hoogwaerts
Camera operators: Diego Garcia, Hailey Heaton, Samantha Dagnino, Patrick Driscoll, Emily Joseph

Performa 2023 (Hub)

Livestreamed, multicamera documentation of events at Performa's Biennial Hub, open every day as a welcoming temporary public space in downtown Manhattan that became the epicenter of Performa's three-week program. The Hub hosted Protest and Performance: A Way Of Life as well as programming in partnership with Hartwig Art Foundation, Amsterdam and Art Hub, Copenhagen.

These events were shot and broadcast live using Hekmor’s PTZ system alongside a variety of additional cameras.

Producer/DP/TD: Romke Hoogwaerts
Camera assistants: Hailey Heaton, Samantha Dagnino
Audio: Peter Fonda

Richard Perez, I Have To Do This

Breakout comedian Richard Perez’s first ever live feature performance was captured by Hekmor with openers Mera Caulfield and Joe Castle Baker, directed by Charlie Bardey and performed at Life World in Brooklyn.

Producer/DP/Editor: Romke Hoogwaerts